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U-Tip Fusion Application

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The U-Tip Pre-Bonded Extensions are a Strand by Strand Fusion Application, and are attached using a Fusion Wand (AKA...Heat Connector, Hair Connector, Fusion Iron). You will also need Hair Separators and Finger Heat Guards to make the application a bit easier to do.

It is actually a simple method to attach your Extensions, but if you plan on doing it yourself, you may need a little help to do the back of your head.

Make sure your own hair is clean and free of dirt, oils and products in order to form a secure bond.

1- First section hair (Always section hair from the bottom up)

2- Insert Separator at root to protect your scalp from the heat

3- Pull Hair through hole of Separator by twisting several hairs and then pulling them through

4- Place Pre-Bonded U-Tip Extension underneath your own hair

5- Place Fusion Wand underneath Hair

6- Close Fusion Wand for several seconds melting and smearing the glue around every Hair

7- Once the glue has melted, roll the glue between your fingers till the glue becomes cylindrical securing the extension in place

8- Viola, you have just put in one Extension. Now, just keep going till you achieve the fullness and length desired

Do not shampoo/condition for at least 24 hours!

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