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Choosing Your Extensions - Hair Quality & Attachment Methods

Human Hair Extensions come in several different qualities and are imported from several different origins.  There are also many methods used to attach extensions. You will soon come to find that there are many options available to you, when picking the hair extension that will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. This can sometimes become quite confusing to the beginner or even the most experienced extension wearer. We are happy to offer a little education as to the methods used to attach hair extensions and the different qualities available, so that you can pick the extensions that will work out best for you.

First we will talk about the Methods used to attach hair extensions. There are several application methods used, and the following are just a few of the most common and popular methods used worldwide.

Wefted Extensions for Weaving or Bonding are sewn in, weaved in, braided in or bonded in. Wefted extensions come on 2 different types of wefts, machine made and hand tied. The Machine Made Wefts come in a bundle on a continuous weft that can be cut for proper placement in your head. The Hand Tied Wefts are hand made and tied on micro thin wefts which are barely visible when attached. They are also a bit less bulky to the touch. These wefts do tend to be more costly then the machine made weft, since they are more intricate to make. Hand tied wefts can not be cut or they will unravel, so they are made to be aprox 10" wide for proper placement in your head. Wefted extensions will stay in securely for aprox 6 to 8 weeks if weaved or sewn in, and aprox 3 to 4 weeks if bonded in.

Pre-Tipped I-Tip Extensions are used with the Strand by Strand Micro Links Application. The Micro Links Application uses I-Tip Extensions, also called shoelace tip or stick tip, which is made of several hair strands glued together at the tip, and looks similar to the end of a shoelace. This is a no heat/no glue method where the I-Tip Extensions are attached to your own hair using micro links or micro rings. Micro Links (rings) look like small beads. The I-Tip Extension and an equal amount of your own hair is pulled through the micro link to your hair line, where the micro link is clamped securing the extension to your own hair. If done properly, the Micro Links strand by strand method should keep your extensions in securely for 2 months.

Pre-Bonded U-Tip Extensions are used with the Strand by Strand Fusion Application. The Fusion Application uses U-Tip Extensions, also called nail tip, which is made of several strands of hair bonded together at the tip with keratin glue, and looks similar to the end of a long fingernail. The U-Tip has a slight indent (curve) where an equal amount of your own hair is placed on the tip at your hair line, and is then placed in a fusion heating wand. The Heating wand melts the glue securing the extension to your own hair. If done properly, the Fusion strand by strand method should keep your extensions in securely for 3 to 4 months.

Tape-In Extensions have become extremely popular over the last few years do to their easy application method.  The hair is held in place by double sided tape and your own hair is sandwiched in between. The hair will usually stay secure for aprox 4 weeks, and the hair is reusable just by adding new tape or bonding glue.

Clip-In Extensions are a quick way to have a new look without any permanent attachment. They are easy in/easy out and are great for a night out, vacation, event, etc. They snap into place in minutes, giving instant length and fullness to your own hair. They are just as easily removed.

Now let us talk a bit about Hair Quality...

Remy Hair is truly the finest quality used in making hair extensions. It can also be called cuticle hair, unprocessed hair and sometimes even virgin hair. The hair is from one donor's cut off ponytail. This way all of the hairs can remain aligned in their natural growth pattern and the cuticles can be left in tact.

What is Remy?

I get asked that question quite often. Remy is not a hair manufacturer or a brand, it is just a name that is used to describe hair that has come from one donor, with  the cuticle in tact and all hairs still aligned in their natural growth pattern. Remy hair can come from many different origins, some of the best being imported from Russia and Europe, followed by India and Asia which is the most common and not quite as good. Unlike other commercially sold hair extensions, which is the hair that you will find in your local beauty supply store, on ebay, and many websites, Remy hair is created by using youthful hair and processing it in a way that maintains the shine and luster while keeping the cuticles in tact. The cuticle is the outer protective coating of the hair. This promotes long life and manageability of the hair resulting in natural silky hair with highlights and shading just as your own hair has. Even though most remy hair will be processed with color, the hair itself is still considered unprocessed and will be left completely healthy, shiny and beautiful. The higher grades of remy hair are generally not available for commercial retail sales, so we are proud to offer this hair to you!

You may also find that the cost of Remy hair varies quite a bit depending on the origin and Grade of the hair. Unfortunately the saying is true, you usually do get what you pay for based on the quality of the hair. Not all Remy hair is the same quality as mentioned in  the prior paragraph, so be sure to check the origin and ask alot of questions. Treat Remy hair as you would your own. You can use a curling iron, hot rollers, flat iron, hair blower etc. Keep in mind that we all care for our hair differently, so the life of the hair will vary from person to person. With proper care you will have many months of stunning hair wash after wash.

Non Remy Commercial Hair is the hair you will find readily available because of its economical pricing. Usually the packaging will just say "Human Hair Extensions". Remember as we said earlier, Human Hair comes in many qualities and unfortunately the saying is true, you do get what you pay for. This hair will look and feel beautiful when you first get it, very similar to the remy hair, however that quality will only last for a short while. Unlike remy human hair, non remy human hair is collected from many donors. Due to this reason the hairs can no longer be aligned in their natural growth pattern. Since the hairs are going in all different directions, the hair will easily get tangled and matted, especially in the long lengths. To avoid this problem, the hair cuticle is stripped in an acid bath and replaced with a silicone coating which brings back the shine and silkiness of the hair.

This is only a temporary fix, because after several washings, the silicone coating will wash off. You will then be left with raw over processed hair that will begin to feel dry, brittle and unmanageable in only a couple of weeks. It will start to tangle and matt terribly. You will become frustrated and it will be time to get new extensions. If you are looking to wear extensions for short term use, a party, holiday, event, etc, then non remy human hair is a good choice and will fit everyone's budget.

So in summary, you do have choices to make when it comes to picking the right extension to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs. We hope you  have found this info helpful, as it has been our pleasure to present it to you. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding hair extensions. All inquiries and questions will be answered promptly.

The Hair Extension Boutique offers a wide variety of Human Hair Extensions and extension accessories. If there is something you need that you do not see, please do let us know and we will gladly accommodate your request whenever possible. It is always our pleasure to help!

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